Memory Boxes to help Dementia

April 21, 2010

I have been reading a number of news articles lately of Care Homes who are helping residents with dementia to recall the years of their life by collecting memorabilia in a memory box of their lives   The past defines who we are and if people with dementia are prompted to recall their past it could help them keep their identity.  

Everybody forgets sometimes although the older we get the more we forget. It gets more and more difficult to retain information, especialy the boring and trivial stuff.  The important events or special moments tend to stay with us for our life.  

Memory deteriorates with ages and if memory loss escalates quickly it is often an early sign of dementia.  Although their of many forms of dementia we all recognise Alzheimer’s Desease as the one form which is affecting our elderly the most.  Over the age of 65 the risk of developing dementia increases dramatically, with one in five people over 82 have dementia.  

Memory Boxes help to stimulate the mind,triggering good emotions and improve the quality of life for the elderly residents in the residential care homes.  I helps to bring people together and encourages talk and questions which, in turn, makes for an enjoyable social experience.   

Many of our elderly have lived through the second world war and they could probably write a book about their life and, sharing these experiences with their other residents, can help people to know and understand each other better, resulting in a calmer and pleasant atmosphere.  

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